Monday, November 22, 2004

More Randomishness.

I've decided on a whim to write as much as I can with out making any sense. I do believe it will be a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Unless you have heart problems, then you should probably not expose small children to this. It could cause them to get angry and kick you in the shin. This would then cause a massive heart attack. This would in turn cause severe pain to you, the user, at which time you or someone around you should call for help. But don't just stand there pointing and laughing, that doesn't help anyone. Unless what they say is true about laughter being the best medicine, then by all means laugh your heart out. But don't do that literary because then you would both be in a world of hurt and I don't think that laughing would do anyone any good then. Except for that sad clown who's standing in the corner with a pie. A pie that has gone unthrown. It is a very sad day when a clown has an unthrown pie. A sad day indeed. But then the magician in the other corner pulls a big rabies infected rabbit out of his hat, which promptly devours everything in sight, which is actually nothing because the rabbit is very old and blind in both eyes. So you decide to do the humane thing and hit the rabbit in the face with the pie that the clown gave to you after being called away to do important clown stuff. But little did you know that the pie was actually a toaster, a magic toaster that would do stuff. Stuff such as eat a rabbit, which it did. So your life just got saved by a toaster. Now the real problem beings… I mean, how do you thank a toaster? I can think of a couple ways, but for the sake of little hamsters everywhere, I won’t say them. Not that they have anything to do with hamsters mind you, hamsters just happen to be very sensitive when it comes to toasters. Don’t ask. It’s a very long and boring story that ends in a Canadian jail. Needless to say… well, I just won’t say it then. Good deal. So anyway, by this time the police are involved and you and your friend (who somehow got his/her heart back) have to flee to France. I know what you’re thinking, “We didn’t do anything wrong!!” But you did. It’s against the law for a non licensed person to throw a pie. Especially a magical pie. So now you’re in France with out a clue as to how you go there so very fast. But little did you know that you and your friend have been in a coma for thirty-three years. But it was one of those fancy “non aging” comas. So now, you’re in an even bigger mess than you were to being with. The Earth has been taken over by…uh… people. Yes, that’s right people! Now, see, people are the most numerous species on Earth, what with Mars and the moon being absorbed in to the Earth, the human race had plenty of room to grow! Huzzah! But everyone seems so very nice and the world does seem like a better place, so you and your friend and some hitchhiker you decided to pick up set off a journey to explore this brave new world. But before you take two steps, you get hit by a giant cockroach and die. So if you have a heart problem, don’t read this around small children…

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Random Thoughts Of Randomness!

Okay, so I was at the arcade tonight and last night, like I am most weekends. But here's the thing, a lor of people at Castles and Coasters stomp when they play DDR. This bothers me, a bunch. Because not only is it very unpleasent to hear, it also destroys the pad little by little. For a while now, I've been trying to figure out why people do this and I have come to a realization. I believe they either do it because they are retarded, or it helps them is some way. I tend to lean toward the latter. Just because, yesterday I observed two people who stomp dancing a somewhat difficult song. One of them messed up and it caused the other to mess up as well. So this leads me to believe that the very loud sound of the stomping help the people keep the beat or something like that. But you know, what ever works. It doesn't mean I have to like it. On a completely different topic, I don't think people say huzzah enough anymore. So, when you finish reading this, say huzzah. Say it to a random person. Just get out there and say it. It will make you feel better and your day better. Anyway, I've run out of clever or even cleverish things to say. So this is The Sexy, signing off.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


You know, it seems like a really long time since I last posted something. This wouldn't be so odd if a lot had happened since the last time I posted and now, but the thing is, it hasn't. It's just been the same old thing. Although something intereseting did happen I suppose. I think somewhere in the past couple days, I gave up. What I gave up on, I'm not really sure. But I just have that feeling like I gave up on something, I don't really like the feeling too much, but I don't really care enough to do anything about it. But with the way my life's going right now, it really doesn't surprise me. But I have a little hope that things will change. Hopefully soon. Huzzah, Cheerio and all that good stuff...

Friday, November 12, 2004

Good times.

Good times were had yesterday. But not really... well, kind of. Any time you go to the arcade and play DDR, it's a good day. But then, there are people who are there and are so much better than you and you start to get all depressed because you're thinking about how you should be that good but you're not that good, then you realize that you're not that good because you don't really care enough to be that good, but then you realize that there is always the chance that these people don't care either and they are still so much better than you. By that time, an hour has passed and you've missed your turn in the line up like five times because you're busy arguing with yourself. Then you get up to play and you just have fun with it because that's the real reason why you should do anything, for fun. But not all the time, because then important things might not get done. Which would be bad. And the before all this even happened, you thought you had a great idea for a video game, which I won't say here because there is always the chance that I will make it into a video game one day. Anyway, then your idea gets shot down and someone else comes up with another idea, which kinda makes you feel bad because you thought that your job in the group was to come up with the idea, but then they just come up with a basic idea and when you ask them questions about the idea they get all mad at you when all you are trying to do is help. But then everything comes out okay in the end because that's the way things go sometimes. Then like nine hours later you lose your shoe in a storm drain and you have to crawl in the sewer to get it back, which is not as bad as you might think it is. But it could've been a lot worse if it had rained like it did today.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Price I Pay For Being The Sexy

Yesterday started out as a normal day. You know, I was woken up at 6:30 by some jackhammers, which is always good. Then a friend of mine wanted to know if I wanted to go to Fry's Electronics with him. Since I had nothing better to do, I told him sure. That was when the fun began. Now don't get me wrong, Fry's is one of the best stores ever, but the some of the people that are in that store... wow. I like it how they just come up to you and start talking about random stuff, such as Everquest 2. And then they don't shut up... for half an hour. But we found what we were looking for, so it was all good. You know, by then I was getting kinda hungry and I suggested that we go find an Arby's to eat at, because we all know that Arby's is the best. But not the one we went to. I suppose I should've known something wasn't right when we were the only people in there for the extent of our stay. I'm just happy the I didn't get food poisoning. Then we headed off to Castles anc Coasters. Suprisingly, everything there went okay. Maybe it was because of the Bawls. Which is the best energy drink ever. So you know, after drinking about six bottles, I was feeling pretty good. But then it all went to hell. I really hate it when people try to "give you the hook up". I'm not sure I wouldn'tve minded so much if their main selling point was that she's hot and she'll sex you up real good... Now I know this might strike some of you as odd, but I have something called morals. For those of you who don't know what those are, allow me to explain. My having morals means I won't sleep with anything that has two legs. It means I know the difference between right and wrong. Having morals is a good thing. I highly suggest getting some if you don't have any. They will make you life a much happier one. And mine too. And that's something that we can all be happy about.

Friday, November 05, 2004


Hooray! I have yet another blog! Do I need more than one! No! But I want two! So now I have two! It's great! And good for you! Well, maybe not good for you the reader because this might be giving you cancer as you're reading it, but I'm sure you'll be fine.